The warm climate in the hills above Springville offers ideal conditions for growing apples. As the hills transition into beautiful fall colors, Edwards Orchards is harvesting their apples to be made into some of the season’s most indulgent treats: cider, pies, bread, and apple butter. The farm was founded in the 1980s by Mack Edwards and today is owned and operated by his son, Ralph Edwards and family. Their four-acre farm produces three acres of apples— seven varieties that are harvested at different times throughout the season. They also produce a white Ambrosia peach (created by Mack), apricots, and nectarines. “We are a family farm who enjoys producing some of the best fruits in the area.” The farm relies on natural pollination from bees and avoids using any pesticides on their crops. “We sell what we grow and we love serving our small community and surrounding cities each year.”

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