Good Works: Hearst Castle

hearst castle olympian pool california

Given its history, its glamour, and its relative proximity to the Valley, it’s surprising there are people here who have never heard of Hearst Castle. But, maybe you or someone […]

Drink: Wine Decanting

win decanter being poured into glass

The simple act of getting some fresh air, even if it’s for a few minutes, allows us to naturally wake up and improves our overall well-being. In a similar way, […]

In Season: Fire Bowls

fire pit in the back yard

A fall evening spent with family and friends seems much more magical when cozying up around a warm fire. The soft glow and crackling sounds can recreate the feel of […]

Home Design: Three Rivers Retreat

Home design can be daunting—or inspiring, depending on your point of view. Determining what needs to be functional, low maintenance, and durable, yet cost effective will impact the outcome. Whether […]

History: Homesteading in Tulare County

In 1850 when the United States made California its 31st state, the country hit the jackpot. Not only was the new state rich in natural resources like gold, it had […]

Hometown Heroes

bomb squad and police in front of a booth in visalia california

Downtown Visalia will be filled with first responders on the first Saturday in November. But don’t worry–it won’t be for an emergency situation. The 4th annual Hometown Heroes event will […]

Cool Weather Prep

Are you prepared for winter weather? Get ready with these simple winterizing tasks to keep your home warm, efficient, and safe.

Editor’s Note

In mid-August, our home air conditioner failed. Without warning, it just stopped blowing cold air. Like most equipment failures, it’s never anticipated or ideally timed. So, at the worst possible […]