Home at Last

Good things come to those who wait and great things come to those who are patient. Jordon and Elisha Long are no strangers to waiting in life. Surrounded by pieces […]

The Beauty Inside

We all love the story of an unlikely hero. We root for the misfit, the underdog, the outsider. Stories of ugly ducklings give us hope and force us to dig […]

Cleaning, Check

Spring…break. Spring…showers. Spring…cleaning! If you’re one of the rare breeds that enjoys the work that goes into a well-kept home, congratulations! For the rest of us, read on for a […]

Travel: Costa Rica

It’s actually “pura vida,” as the locals say—the pure life. And they aren’t lying. This beautiful country south of south of the border delivers in beauty, culture, and happiness. Costa […]

History: Gray Horse Harness Shop

Cattle and cowboys have played a big part in Tulare County history since its beginning in 1852. The first homesteaders were stockmen who understood the importance of the saddle horse […]

Lark House Interior Styling

Like so many little girls, Marissa Avila spent her childhood playing in a make-believe world: primping, dressing, and designing the intricate details of her dolls. As fairytales faded, Marissa settled […]

Indoor Herb Garden

Herbs add flavor to many types of food dishes but have also been used medicinally for thousands of years. Research is ongoing, but studies have shown that consuming herbs may […]

Ask the Expert: American Ceramic Tile

The power of using tile lies in its visual appearance; the different shapes and sizes can make smaller areas look darker or darker areas seem lighter. They can add character […]

Drawer Organization

Spring’s new growth often motivates us to purge, deep clean, and let in the fresh air. But tackling an entire room may seem overwhelming. Choosing one task at a time […]

Simplify Your Life

Time is your most valuable resource, but somehow we mindlessly scroll through social media or wait for things to happen or come to us. Prioritize your time to do things […]

Editor’s Note

A life of simplicity and order is hard. It’s more like guerilla warfare than a serene stroll through a meadow. Things don’t naturally stay simple, clean, or in order. My […]