How Sweet it Was

Fornearly three-quarters of a century, the Sweet family name had been synonymous with selling quality merchandise at a fair price—and lots of it. Even though their “big store” was in […]

More Than Amsterdam

What comes to mind (other than Amsterdam) when you think of Holland? This past summer I traveled with my sisters, Opa, and Oma* to our family’s home, and was able […]

South Valley Art Tour

Each year, the Arts Consortium organizes a self-guided tour through artists’ studios located south of Highway 198. During the tour, participants are introduced to the art spaces of both nationally […]

Family Heirloom

Peeking from behind rows of ripe tangelos sits an old farmhouse with stories to tell. Located just outside the southeast corner of town, Leslie and Than Neese put down roots […]


Being in business for two decades is an impressive accomplishment, and Mitchell Insurance is proud to achieve that milestone this year. The local insurance agency gave us a glimpse into […]

Street Chic

Your front yard is the formal introduction to your private world. It welcomes you home every day and invites guests to your front door. It is the semipublic space that […]

Pursuing Newness The Promise of Nowruz

Every spring season, Nowruz (pronounced no-rooz), which means “new day,” is celebrated by Persians and other nationalities in the region and around the world. The new year tradition has been […]

Making a Home

No matter how big, small, elaborate, or modest a home is, the feeling of being connected emotionally with a deep sense of belonging is how people find the most meaning. […]

Thoughts from the Editor

“Where are you from?” is one of the most commonly asked introductory questions we have in our conversational lexicon. With the answer to that simple question we find out that […]