Outdoor Entertaining Tips

Outdoor entertaining poolside chairs

Welcome your guests clearly to the back gate or side fence if you’d prefer them to come directly to the outdoor space—use lights, balloons, pennants, or large potted plants to […]

Travel: Whitewater Rafting

Group on a tube going whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting can be traced back to 1811: the first recorded attempt to navigate Wyoming’s Snake River. Though the first rubber raft was likely built in the 1840s, a century […]

Pick Up Pickleball

For any age. For any skill level. Pickleball is a “newer” sport sweeping the nation, with more than a half-million people picking up a paddle since 2020. Since its improvisedinception […]

History: More than a Mountain

on the road to Mt. Whitney

Tulare County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate hiking. Measuring about 5,000 square miles (nearly the size of Connecticut), with fewer than half a million people […]

Get Outside Hiking

Needles Lookout in Sequoia National Park

Whether you like out-and-back trails or the full loop, hiking is a beautiful way to see nature, work up a sweat, and spend time with friends and family (or your […]

Soccer City 1852 Visalia

In the newly designated sports corridor, just up the road from Rawhide Stadium, sits Soccer City 1852 Visalia. For years, Jeremy Schultz dreamt of a new way to bring the […]

Caught up in Fly Fishing

Female fly fishing in a river

Combine the serenity of being outdoors and the satisfaction of conquering new skills, and you have fly fishing. Enthusiasts describe it as exciting, satisfying, rewarding, and challenging. Artificial bait (that […]

Editor’s Note

Last weekend my wife and I took on the dreaded task of cleaning out and organizing the garage. We needed to make room for my new prized possession: Jenny the […]