From Devices to Discovery

Summer can be the most relaxing time of year, when the days are warm and long, and kids have extra free time. It’s easy to fall into a routine of […]

Summer Garden Checklist

Gardening in the summer can be overwhelming as you try to stay ahead of watering and overgrowth. However, putting some best practices in place like deadheading flowers, adding mulch, and […]

Mixing Old with New

Bringing the past into the present by using vintage elements to style your home allows for a one-of-a- kind living space. Many vintage furniture and decor pieces remain timeless, serving […]

Small Town Charm

While traveling, engaging with local culture by seeking out eateries and journeying through downtown districts can create a more memorable experience. Some of the most unique memories are made when […]

Joe’s Hike

Some might think hiking should be relegated to a one-time trip or an occasional experience. But those who go on regular hiking adventures will tell you: there’s more to it […]

A View on Adventure

Adventure is meant to be an experience with long-lasting impacts on someone’s life, but it can look different for everyone. For example, going on a long hike to a waterfall, […]

The Truth about Barndominiums

Social media has popularized barndominiums as a low-cost construction method that integrates conditioned living space within the confines of a standard metal building. If “barndominium” (or “barndo” for short) is […]

Summer Entertaining Essentials

Summer is here with plenty of long days available to host gatherings and lounge poolside. Ensuring you have entertaining essentials on hand will help elevate the experience for both you […]

Thoughts from the Editor

During the spring of 1997, four of my closest friends and I gathered for a late night Double-Double® run at the recently opened In-N-Out Burger. This was a typical Thursday […]