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Lifestyle Magazine is so much more than just a magazine to us, it’s a labor of love dedicated to our communities. Each month we have the privilege of featuring some […]

Garden: Rejuvenation for Plants & Pollinators

January brings a reflective stillness as we return to our regularly scheduled programming after the holidays. We look to the year ahead, making plans for all aspects of our lives, […]

History: The Outlaw’s Life After Capture

The criminal exploits of Christopher Evans and John Sontag are legendary in the San Joaquin Valley, especially Tulare County. Accused of multiple train robberies and murders, these two Visalia-based outlaws […]

Drink: Loose Leaf Teas

Similar to coffee, brewing a cup of aromatic loose leaf tea can awaken and stimulate your taste buds. Balance is the key to a satisfying blend, so it’s important to […]

Q&A: Body Posture with Dr. Kristin Ochs, DC

Chiropractic care is commonly associated with the cracking of bones and instant fixes. However, along with preventing pain, and limiting the risk of disease, and other health disorders, there are […]

Nutrition: A Better You

It’s a new year! Every new year brings the feeling of possibility and a fresh start. People often focus on health, which is obviously very important. But where to start? […]

At Home: The Holmans

Spending time outdoors during the warm summers, hosting friends and family for dinner, practicing for the next rodeo, and creating a retreat setting are the ingredients the Holmans wanted for […]

Design Playbook: Keep it Cozy

At the end of the holiday season, your home may feel a little less cheerful, with your festive decor all boxed up and put away. But don’t get rid of […]

New Year Reset

The beginning of the year marks a time of realignment, a chance to redesign our lives around the things that matter most. Get organized, get in shape, eat healthier, set […]

Editor’s Note

In 1979, a new film was released to critical acclaim, stealing the hearts of children and adults alike. The film became an overnight sensation earning both Academy Award and Golden […]