History: The Mysterious Tulare Lake

For thousands of years on land that was once part of Tulare County, there was a large mysterious lake. It’s gone today, but in its prime, the west shoreline of […]

Happier Planet: Happier Planet

Travel can take us around the world, opening doors to new cultures and ideas. For Kennedy Hammond, traveling opened her eyes to the amount of trash humans produce.

Finding Purpose

What does living with purpose and intention mean? You recognize and value your one life to live—making the most out of it. In contrast, feeling a lack of purpose can […]

Tips for Planning Your Own Special Day

2021 was quite the year to plan a wedding. It was a wonderful, yet challenging time to come together and celebrate. In looking back, there’s a number of things I […]

A Wedding Look Book

It is so important to sit down as a couple and really decide on what you want from your day and what things are most important to you. Our best […]

Editor’s Note

Okay, fair warning, I’m feeling pretty philosophical right now. This might go sideways because I’m no philosopher. The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters by Peter Block […]