Stars in the Sierras: The Drama of the Sequoias

The Sierra Nevada mountain range dominates California. When early Spanish explorers saw the series of snowy mountains, they named it Sierra, meaning “jagged mountain range,” and Nevada, meaning “snowy.” The […]

Capturing the Moment

You’ve put a lot of hard work into planning your special day, from color palettes to the menu to the guest list. And finding the right photographer is just as […]

Wedding Lookbook: GREG + AMANDA

Hire a planner, hire a planner, hire a planner! Choosing a planner that you trust and vibe with will make everything so much easier—they’ll know the area and best vendors […]

Wedding Lookbook: WADE + JACLYN

Wade and I both went to college out of state, so we invited our out-of-town guests to come to our rehearsal dinner, and it was a great opportunity to spend […]

Wedding Lookbook: JAMES + RABEEZA

Hiring a planner was one of the best decisions I made. We only had six months to plan our destination wedding, and our planner helped alleviate unforeseen stress and issues […]

Wedding Lookbook: DEVAN + KRISTEN

If you create a clear vision of what you want your marriage to look like, and let that help create the vision for your wedding day, everything else will fall […]

Planning for Forever

Whether your wedding will be small and minimalistic or large and elaborate, you’ll still need to set a budget, gather inspiration, make a guest list, and find a location (among […]

Self Care through skin care

Whether you want a special glow or you simply need a daily skincare routine, choosing the right products and regimen that is best for your skin is a vital step […]

Do Your Heart Good

The heart is the most important part of the body, and works around the clock to keep us alive. Unfortunately, heart disease is the leading cause of death in the […]

Thoughts from the Editor

I get excited easily. Typically it’s about a new idea, a project, a “toy,” or an experience. It only takes a moment for my imagination to go into overdrive, and […]

From the Team

Lifestyle Magazine is so much more than just a magazine to us, it’s a labor of love dedicated to our communities. Each month we have the privilege of featuring some […]

Garden: Rejuvenation for Plants & Pollinators

January brings a reflective stillness as we return to our regularly scheduled programming after the holidays. We look to the year ahead, making plans for all aspects of our lives, […]

History: The Outlaw’s Life After Capture

The criminal exploits of Christopher Evans and John Sontag are legendary in the San Joaquin Valley, especially Tulare County. Accused of multiple train robberies and murders, these two Visalia-based outlaws […]

Drink: Loose Leaf Teas

Similar to coffee, brewing a cup of aromatic loose leaf tea can awaken and stimulate your taste buds. Balance is the key to a satisfying blend, so it’s important to […]

Q&A: Body Posture with Dr. Kristin Ochs, DC

Chiropractic care is commonly associated with the cracking of bones and instant fixes. However, along with preventing pain, and limiting the risk of disease, and other health disorders, there are […]