Home Design: Three Rivers Retreat

Home design can be daunting—or inspiring, depending on your point of view. Determining what needs to be functional, low maintenance, and durable, yet cost effective will impact the outcome. Whether […]

History: Homesteading in Tulare County

In 1850 when the United States made California its 31st state, the country hit the jackpot. Not only was the new state rich in natural resources like gold, it had […]

Hometown Heroes

bomb squad and police in front of a booth in visalia california

Downtown Visalia will be filled with first responders on the first Saturday in November. But don’t worry–it won’t be for an emergency situation. The 4th annual Hometown Heroes event will […]

Cool Weather Prep

Are you prepared for winter weather? Get ready with these simple winterizing tasks to keep your home warm, efficient, and safe.

Editor’s Note

In mid-August, our home air conditioner failed. Without warning, it just stopped blowing cold air. Like most equipment failures, it’s never anticipated or ideally timed. So, at the worst possible […]

History: Horsepower in Tulare County

The story of transportation in Tulare County is filled with excitement and fraught with danger. Traveling on foot was of course a big part of the history, but beyond that, […]

Food: Homemade Tortillas with Grandma Sandra

In celebration of their family’s heritage, our team member Mark documented his grandma, Sandra Garcia, making making her traditional tortilla recipe. Writing out her steps was a special opportunity since […]

Travel: For the Love of Spain

This past June, my favorite band, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, played in Barcelona at the historic Estadi Olímpic—good timing, as I wanted to take my girlfriend to Spain as […]

Hispanic Heritage Month

In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we’re excited to celebrate the rich history and culture of many in our community. We’re proud to honor the influence and impact of Hispanic […]

Arts Night Out

Art is created to inspire others through music, writing, painting, sculpting, and other mediums created by hand. The artist, artisan, and musician communicate their ideas and emotions through their work […]

Apple Harvest with Edwards Farms

The warm climate in the hills above Springville offers ideal conditions for growing apples. As the hills transition into beautiful fall colors, Edwards Orchards is harvesting their apples to be […]

Health: Benefits of Apples

It sounds cliché, but honestly, it’s not a bad idea. Apples have a considerable amount of health benefits, and they score big points for convenience (which is huge in my […]

Editor’s Note

“Win where it counts.” These words jammed up the gears of my day. After Lori said them, I drove away in silence from my short lunch at home feeling irritated, […]

History: A Daring Rescue

By almost all measures, Donaldina Cameron was an unlikely fighter. She was tall, slender, and extremely shy. She was deeply religious and had the “gracious manners of a society belle.” […]

Mindfulness: Maya Rodriguez

“We are drawn to the mountains and ocean because of the peace we feel—similar to the meditative state that is experienced with yoga. We can find inner balance, away from […]