Health: Finding Peace During the Holidays

The holidays are here, with all the joy of the season…and what feels like more hustle and bustle than ever. Though we may be longing to feel and radiate the […]

Drink: Holy Spirits

This month, we got to know owner Bryan Muirhead from local bartending and cocktail class company, Holy Spirits. His own entrepreneurial spirit and pursuit of his passions help him deliver […]

At Home: The Scheenstras

In the middle of country farmland sits a striking home with minimalist-inspired and timeless features. Homeowners Audra and Ryan Scheenstra were aptly in tune with their design style; she and […]

History: Visalia’s Golden Age of Vaudeville

America has had a long love affair with entertainment. Even the Pilgrims played games and had celebrations as a way to distract from their often difficult lives. As the country […]

Gift Giving: Holiday Gift Ideas

Think back on one of the most thoughtful gifts you’ve ever received. It likely wasn’t a thing— maybe it was a moment, a day, an experience. Giving gifts doesn’t have […]

Editor’s Note

My childhood memories of Christmas are brimful with the lyrics of beautiful, silly, and hope-filled songs. It’s a marvel to me how music stirs nostalgia and builds anticipation.

Travel: Perfection in the PNW

I was seeking a funky 70s vibe imbued with the essence of an upscale 21st century Santa Cruz when I stumbled upon Port Townsend, Washington. Turns out, it’s the perfect […]

History: Trains in the Valley

Railroads in Tulare County have a long and rich—and mostly positive—history. For many people, when the railroad arrived in their community, it was seen as a good omen and was […]

Local Eats: Cellar Door

The “pandemic pivot” aptly describes how businesses adapted and stayed afloat during the ever-changing “new normal” brought on by the 2020 pandemic. Many businesses were challenged to find creative ways […]

Bakery: Bread Savage

Our community will welcome a new bakery to Downtown Visalia this month: Bread Savage. We had the opportunity to sit down with owners Brooke and Chase Darwin to learn more […]

Family: Caring for Loved Ones

As life’s seasons shift, the holidays can take on a new meaning and become an opportunity to make new memories with your loved ones. However, if you’re caring for an […]

Art: Honoring Marjorie Brandon

Every fall, the Marjorie Brandon Award is presented by the Center for Spiritual Living, in conjunction with the Brandon-Mitchell Gallery, to one local artist who demonstrates exceptional talent in their […]

Editor’s Note

My wife and I have been in a conversation about our roles lately. We’ve been talking about all the jobs, duties, and relationships we are responsible for. The goal of […]

Good Works: Hearst Castle

hearst castle olympian pool california

Given its history, its glamour, and its relative proximity to the Valley, it’s surprising there are people here who have never heard of Hearst Castle. But, maybe you or someone […]

Drink: Wine Decanting

win decanter being poured into glass

The simple act of getting some fresh air, even if it’s for a few minutes, allows us to naturally wake up and improves our overall well-being. In a similar way, […]