How Sweet it Was

Fornearly three-quarters of a century, the Sweet family name had been synonymous with selling quality merchandise at a fair price—and lots of it. Even though their “big store” was in […]

Stars in the Sierras: The Drama of the Sequoias

The Sierra Nevada mountain range dominates California. When early Spanish explorers saw the series of snowy mountains, they named it Sierra, meaning “jagged mountain range,” and Nevada, meaning “snowy.” The […]

History: The Outlaw’s Life After Capture

The criminal exploits of Christopher Evans and John Sontag are legendary in the San Joaquin Valley, especially Tulare County. Accused of multiple train robberies and murders, these two Visalia-based outlaws […]

History: Visalia’s Golden Age of Vaudeville

America has had a long love affair with entertainment. Even the Pilgrims played games and had celebrations as a way to distract from their often difficult lives. As the country […]

History: Trains in the Valley

Railroads in Tulare County have a long and rich—and mostly positive—history. For many people, when the railroad arrived in their community, it was seen as a good omen and was […]

History: Homesteading in Tulare County

In 1850 when the United States made California its 31st state, the country hit the jackpot. Not only was the new state rich in natural resources like gold, it had […]

History: Horsepower in Tulare County

The story of transportation in Tulare County is filled with excitement and fraught with danger. Traveling on foot was of course a big part of the history, but beyond that, […]

History: A Daring Rescue

By almost all measures, Donaldina Cameron was an unlikely fighter. She was tall, slender, and extremely shy. She was deeply religious and had the “gracious manners of a society belle.” […]

History: Memorable Meals

Since its beginning, Visalia has had an interesting collection of restaurants serving a wide variety of fare. And the eateries took pride in the food they served. As far back […]

History: More than a Mountain

on the road to Mt. Whitney

Tulare County is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, especially those who appreciate hiking. Measuring about 5,000 square miles (nearly the size of Connecticut), with fewer than half a million people […]

History: A Neighborhood with Enduring Charm

In 1983, travel writers for the Los Angeles Times called Visalia a “place of enduring charm.” They touted the town’s rich history and nice neighborhoods, encouraging readers to take a […]

History: Taming a Mighty River

The Kaweah River of old was like the wild mustang that once roamed our valley—uncontrolled, free spirited, and dangerous, often running at breakneck speed on the Valley floor. And just […]

History: Gray Horse Harness Shop

Cattle and cowboys have played a big part in Tulare County history since its beginning in 1852. The first homesteaders were stockmen who understood the importance of the saddle horse […]

History: The Mysterious Tulare Lake

For thousands of years on land that was once part of Tulare County, there was a large mysterious lake. It’s gone today, but in its prime, the west shoreline of […]

History: Dr. Thomas McSwain & the Family Mansion

As towns grow and develop, it’s important that they have a good blend of professions and occupations in the population. Laborers, merchants, builders and peace officers, for example, are needed, […]